Revising the past, looking forward to the future

by ninashiel

December ended up being busier than I expected. I had been sitting on my MA thesis, which I was supposed to have hardbound and handed up to the library, for the simple reason that getting it done was low on my priority list and I had missed the bit in the thesis regulations where it said that I was supposed to get it done within one month of getting the results. Oops. So finally early this month, I did the necessary small corrections required and indeed got the thesis bound, for a goodly amount of money, I might say.

Reading material that you wrote months ago is always a weird experience. To every cringeworthy turn of phrase or a vague sentence there is a paragraph or an idea that makes you go, ‘Did I do that?’ And then it descends into a ‘How can I ever manage a thought like that again?’ while the irony of the game is, of course, in that you may forget on the surface, but that original thought will stay underneath and build up for other, better things in the future. As for the bits that are not so great, historically, I am dreadful at taking criticism. It may be to do with the fact that I can be fairly merciless with myself. I am in the process of starting a project called ‘Editors Are Your Friends’, which, sadly, lacks a snappy acronym. EAYF sounds like the kind of noise I make when getting feedback on my writing. Seriously, though, it is not like these people are out to make your life unpleasant. A friend who works for a well known search engine says that her attitude on interviewing potential new recruits is, ‘I want to hire you. Help me do so.’ Unfortunately, the interviewees often process to destroy their own chances. I think editors are a bit like that. (I would wish to think that) they want your work to be as good as it can be, for awards/publications/conferences/and so on. I foresee that there is going to be a lot of dealing with editors next year.

I have now given myself permission to be on holidays for about two weeks. I love Christmas and tend to organise all sorts of events with family and friends around it. I could have tried to get something done during this week, and only half-concentrated, or I could rest properly and, hopefully, get more done in January for it. It’s been a remarkable year for me, and I look forward to many exciting adventures in 2012. For now, though, the most burning question is going to be, Skyrim or Star Wars: The Old Republic…