Publication and videos from the School Showcase

by ninashiel

The DCU School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies held its annual Postgraduate Researcher Showcase on 9 November 2011. The student papers presented at the events were peer-reviewed and have now been published online. My own ‘Towards “Virtual” Ekphrasis’ is also among them. As the students presented their current research, this paper acts essentially as an introduction to my PhD project. I was also part of the editorial board reviewing the papers.

The site also includes videos of the two keynote speakers at the event. I was particularly impressed with the talk by Professor Jenny Williams, titled ‘Once Upon a Time in Academia: a survivor’s guide to research and publishing’. I took careful notes during her talk and ended up pinning the printout of the notes on my cubicle wall. The most useful advice she gave, to me personally, was ‘PhD is not your life’s work. It’s only the first step.’ I constantly struggle with my desire for perfection.

The Showcase process including the subsequent review and publication was a very helpful part of our training, and I look forward to the next one.